About Us


We are a family owned business that has earned our customer’s loyalty over the past 70 years.


Our history in the bedding business dates back to 1939 with Libby Manufacturing Inc., started by our great-grandfather and grandfather Wilfred Libby, continued by son-in-law George Simpkins and later, grandsons Floyd & Joel. 


After a brief hiatus 2003-05 our current customers encouraged us to serve their requirements with reliable bedding products and trusted approach to business. Consequently, we continued to offer limited distribution of cots and folding beds.


We now continue this tradition of reliability and service with Simcor Solutions and the launch of our Bedding Products Division, operated by Floyd Simpkins, offering our customers products we believe will meet their demands for value and endurance.


In times where the conduct of business becomes ever more challenging and the trust and integrity of those with whom you undertake business is absolutely critical, we hope that our customers and business partners will find that our “hands on” track record carries through to our current business practices and stands the test of time.  As stated in our mission, we commit ourselves to exemplary standards of service and to provide our customers with products that they can use every day.

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